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- Mega Belaya Dacha will Optimo manufacture a batch of 30 pieces of exclusive benches for visitors.
- Together with the partner Saatchi & Saatchi Russia we develop a concept офомления, with further distribution in Ekaterinburg activities of the company "Komus".
- Signed a long-term contract with the company «КАТРИС», one of the largest companies on the Russian market of sun-protection systems. Optimo designs and manufactures equipment for the КАТРИС, and constructs the shopping stand at the exhibition "R+T Russia", Crocus Expo.

Happy birthday, Optimo!

Colleagues, partners, friends - thank you for your perseverance and faith in ourselves and in our company for the fruitful work! Under the brand Optimo us a lot has been accomplished over the last year and for the previous, how much more will want to do ;-). Thanks to our customers who inspire us for new knowledge, for an interesting experiment, bold designs and reasonable risks!

Mioge 2013

Finished works on exhibition stands to the exhibition «Oil and gas» / Mioge 2013. Projects for our regular customers, Lufkin and Tesco were successfully implemented.
Photo projects:


Exhibition stands in Kazakhstan

Preparing for the next season in Kazakhstan.

Our company is accredited for work at the following exhibitions:
KazBuild / EcoTech 2013 / WaterTech 3 - 6 September
Aqua-Therm Almaty 2013 3 - 6 September
WinTecExpo Kazakhstan 2013 3 - 6 September
MiningWorld Central Asia 2012, 18 - 20 September
Kazcomak 2013 18 - 20 September
TransitKazakhstan 2013 18 - 20 September
KazMet 2013 18 - 20 September
Astana Leisure 25-27 September 2013
KAZENERGY 2013 October
KIOGE 2013 October 1-4
Autoshow 2013 17 - 20 October