Изготовление стендов Cremesso


Design and manufacturing of a number of showcases in 25 pieces, for demonstration and sale of compact coffee machines (Cremesso from Switzerland) and high-end coffee.

Showcase is designed and made from high-gloss laminated wood boards, the upper transparent plexiglass cap is designed as space for coffee capsules as decor. Showcase is very compact, mobile, durable and reliable.

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Эконом класс

Equipment of economical class

Commercial, demonstration equipment for company Harmann Kardon (global provider of premium audio and infotainment solutions) and corporations Heelys Inc (Heelys Inc.) - As an example of economical and fast design of shop and product presentation.

This is budget, but wearproof variant can serve about 1.5 years and pays for itself within a few months of work.

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Дизайн и производство торгового оборудования
Производство торгового оборудования FIF


FIF SHOP (famous brand shoes: EMU Australia, Rubber Duck, HUNTER, Manitobah Mukluks). Shop is located in the department store "Cvetnoy."

Wood, tinted glass, decorative moldings and cornices. All cupboards, desks, showcases are with the effect of "aging", and performed with the use of technology, "crackle".

Торговое обоорудование на заказ FIF
Дизайн витрины FIF
Изготовление шкафа на заказ FIF
Дизайн торговго оборудования для FIF
Изготовление шкафа для магазиа FIF
Строительство оригинальной мебели для магазина FIF
Разработка стендов для Mega


Mega, "Belaya Dacha" (Megamall - Family mall), In September 2012, were performed exhibition stands of constant use. Stella with the image in the frame with attached semicircular podiums. Products facing is made with hpl - gloss white, click frame around the image is painted in white.

Stands are located in mall aisles between boutiques.

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