Printing house


We have been developing gradually in this direction and for today offer the following services:

- design and make up;

- digital printing of advertising and business products;

- offset printing of business and advertising products;

- large-format printing;

- interior printing;

- plotter cutting.


Digital printing.


  • Print speed.

For example, for fast digital printing of business cards, Order processing is a few hours.

  • Quality.

All processes of digital printing are controlled with a computer, that allowing you to intervene in printing process, at any time, if there are any mistakes in the production of promotional items. By adjustments, we can ensure high quality printing.

  • Creation of test part.

With digital printing, you do not require pre-press preparation, which speeds up preparation and printing.

  • Personification.

Digital printing allows you to personalize the information and enter numerals. In offset printing method, it is not possible.


Offset printing.

Order processing for 3-5 days.
Optimal print run in offset sheet printing is from 500 copies.


  • High quality of print production.
  • Ability to use paper of different density from 80 to 300 g/m.2.
  • The optimal price / performance ratio for medium and large print runs.
  • Convenient to use offset for recurring printing .
  • The ability to use different methods that improve the appearance and personality of the order.


Large format printing.

Full color large format printing is a convenient and affordable manufacturing technology of multicolor advertising images of any size - from small posters to party walls - giant images on buildings.

We offer to our clients solvent printing(solvent based ink) on printers CRISTAL JETI 3300 Solvent 6 colors.


  • printing width is 3200 mm;
  • resolution of printed image is 300 and 600dpi;
  • color model is CMYK Lc, Lm (6 colors);
  • materials: banner, self-adhesive film, banner mesh, paper.


Interior printing.

Small-format images for indoor and outdoor use - it is printing on high-precision printers.

Possible width of printed products 1,600 mm (limited by the width of printed press space), the length is any. The image resolution is 720 x 720, 720 x 1440, 1440 x 1440 dpi.

Types of materials: banner, film, paper, canvas, mesh with substrate.


File requirements for large and interior print.

Raster and vector files in color model CMYK are accepted for printing

1. Format TIFF - without compression (NONE) or LZW compression, file format *tif;
2. Adobe Photoshop, file format *psd.

Raster files, which are full printed, must be less than 300 MB.

3. EPS vector format, file format. *eps; (non-linked, text with curves);
4. Format Adobe Illustrator, expansion. *ai (non-linked, text with curves);
5. Corel Draw, file format *cdr (text with curves).

During preparing of files, you should pay attention for two main requirements:

- black and gray colors should be composite (CMYK 33,33,33,100 for black, to gray (for example: 0,9,11,38);

- the total percentage for CMYK paint must not exceed 300%.