Shop equipment

Every store starts with the interior of sales area. Any customer go through this space before the process of so-called "real buy way" - shift from notional exploring of interesting stuff to introducing with physical buying - whether it is a simple buy or more complex form of cooperation.

We produce non-standard shop equipment and make out shops and boutiques, "completed project" - from project development to full implementation of all design.

Optimo: opportunities

    • manufacture of commercial furniture;
    • manufacture of presentation equipment;
    • assembly and disassembly professional reception, exclusive showcases, counters, shelving.

Company Optimo offers to customer not only creative non-standard solution to any projects of commercial equipment, but also competent technical approach with optimal price.



Interior of your boutique, manufactured showcases and racks - will be really unusual and unique in its kind.

Implementing "completed projects", we allow our customers to save their time, as well as financial costs.

 Optimo specialists:

    • develop a 3-D design;
    • design and provide you 3-D drawings of products and space;
    • think over and agree on all materials, provide detailed calculations for all possible costs;
    • produce, deliver to the place, provide assembly / disassembly ;
    • give warranty for subsequent servicing between 6 months (depending on the project).

Projects of dismountable demonstration equipment and bar racks: