Exhibition stands

 You have the chance to make a first impression. 

One of these first chance for company or brand - is to participate in the exhibition and the correct positioning. Because this is an exceptional way to show your corporate "I" in area of active competitors. Participation in exhibition gives an opportunity to not only identify and consider competitors closely, view their experience in the business and their method of exposure, and also identify own gaps, which later have to be corrected. This may also include cooperation: mutually beneficial exchange of information.

According to the Jack Trout theory of positioning, there are only three ways to achieve success: be first, be second and be special. The first two chances in a thousand cases to one, as a rule, have been used already, but third chance is yours forever. We offer you to use this opportunity in partnership with us.

Each client, finished project and solution of new task - this is another step to achieve objectives, increase of our professionalism for you.

We formed for you five steps leading to the successful project implementation of exhibition stand for any event or exhibition. The algorithm should be known at least to determine for itself competent builder and reduce risks of poor quality and delays.


The first step - the development by Optimo specialist of 3d design of exposition.

Examples of design projects of exhibition stands:



To create a design we need knowledge of anatomy and architecture of the space, through which are effectively used best combination of colors, shapes, textures and materials.

Drawing up a design project is not complete without bold experiments. In most cases, beneficial design can surprise. We do not put ourselves into the narrow framework of implementation rules and postulates. Our business - development of effective design, and its optimal implementation.

Our completed projects can be found in our Portfolio.


The second step - approval of the project, preparation of 3d drawings of exhibition stand, coordination of materials, furniture, graphics, necessary equipment, attention to detail and preparation for the production process.


The third step - making constructions and prepare for assembly works in Optimo production shops. You can see our capabilities on page Manufacture, as well as to visit it.


The fourth step - assembly works on the object.


For the conduction of assembly work at vocational and technical level, we have all necessary material and technical resources, experts and workers, own tools and transport. We have documentation required to work at exhibitions and provide assembly / disassembly services.

The final step - dismantling of exhibition constructions. It would seem that the work is finished, the project is implemented, but really well-organized dismantling works, transport organization and dismantling of customer exhibits – are really important steps.


Optimo for you - is an exclusive worldwide exhibition stands.

     We can implement projects for you by our reliable partners in following countries:

China, France, Singapore, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, USA, South Africa, Kazakhstan, India, etc.


Also, we provide maximum comfort with approval of the stand at the Moscow office and beneficial price.


We appreciate every customer. We do not focus only on the high-budget projects. Even a small order - is the first step to long-term relationships in which we are interested.