Optimo concept

Originally, Optimo is a union of production worker, engineer and manager. Common goals, objectives, development and understanding of what kind of results we want achieve in the future, were the impulse company formation and creation of Optimo brand.

Design and projecting of each order is carried out by a professional designer and construction engineer of our company, with close collaboration of them are born accuracy and best match with designer sketches.


LLC "Optimo" has all the necessary documentation for the work on floor areas and provide assembly / disassembly works:

Certificate of Quality Management Systems International Standard ISO 9001:2008 and accreditation on exhibition areas of Moscow city and St. Peterburg city;

 Certificates for the power constructions;

 Certificate of electro technical personnel with the group of electrical safety not less than three, with the mark of attestation;

 Examination journal of electro technical personal;

 Fire safety certificates.

 Please send us your CV: job@xp-optimo.ru