Manufacture in Optimo - is our pride and guarantee of successful work and timely implementation of individual projects. On our equipped area, we can organize full production cycle, required for work on projects of any complexity.

For manufacture and preparation of construction elements and entire products, we use advanced equipment, including drills and saws machines, dotted welding machines.

 Optimo Manufacture consists of several operating areas:

The cutting area

Cutting of sheet materials chipboard, MDF, PVC, chipboard, plywood is the first and one of the most important stages in the production of exhibition structures and furniture. On how clearly and correctly will be performed the cutting, depends look and quality of the produced constructions.

Format - cutting machines are designed for lumber cutting. On these machines are produced longitudinal, transverse, and cutting of materials at an angle.

 Assembly area

Is engaged in finishing of constructions, for components, accessories, assembly of products after Layout-cutting on the machines.

Preparation, processing, testing of semi-finished products and scale structures for further installation.

 Paint area.

Painting of finished products or its parts is made on Paint area, powder and polymer cover is achieved with spray booth from foreign country. This color is corrosion-resistant, high-quality cover for various mechanical damage.

Also in this area of preparation for installation is carried out primed and primary painting with water-based paint for wooden boxes, receptions, boards and other exhibition constructions.

 Welding area (other processing)

Preform of components with high accuracy is performed with using high-tech equipment with automatic control system; it provides half of success in production process. Welding of products in compliance with all technological parameters is allowed with slip equipment. Also is invaluable an experience and high attestation data of our employees.

 Prototype area

Production of graphics for exhibition stands and products: cutting and preparing of logos, gluing and processing of various plastics, disassembly of plotter cutting, drawing pictures, etc.

Quality management on Optimo manufacture at every stage the life cycle is carried out directly by engineer projecting object and by foremen (chief) of the project. The specificity of our work is that the production is mostly single and has exclusive character, so we can expose production with continuous and 100 percent control.

The constant presence of a project engineer in the production shop - consulting collectors, installation teams, the rapid provision and adjustment of 3d drawings - are effective methods of work control and quality.

 Quality management of manufactured designs in the production of Optimo at all stages of their life cycle is carried out directly by the engineer designing the object, and foreman (Chief) of the project. The specificity of our work is that production is essentially an single and exclusive nature, o we can expose the products-100% control.